Friday, November 4, 2011


To the left of me: An open bag of Mission Tortilla Strips and half eaten container of La Mexicana Mild Salsa. Also, the foot stool has an empty mug sitting on it, a sign that I should go boil more water for tea.

To the right of me: My "I Mean Business" padfolio that holds the last copies of resumes and cover letters that I used two years ago.

In front of me: The laptop on my coffee table, with my mobile phone pulled into it to charge, download photos from the last couple of weeks, and get messages from The Swede (who survived the trip home and who I miss so much already).

I got my schedule for when I go back to work this morning. There was nashing of teeth and growling. I am not thrilled. Things could always be worse, but I am tired of this. The never knowing my shifts, the surprise-that-is-no-surprise-really when my shifts are yet again totally different than what I was told I would be working.

So, add that to my motivation to not have to rely on child support forever, to be financially stable, and to save up to see my pojkvän as soon as possible, and Mama's looking for a new job. I don't have any big trade skills, I am still new to freelance writing, and I don't crochet nor paint as often as I should if I ever want to make serious income off of it...but I am good at customer service, a quick learner, and have a who lot of drive to succeed.

Wish me luck!

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