Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today is cold, as it rained on and off most of the night. The sky has been gray all morning and the birds outside my window are flying from tree to tree with such intensity that poor Suki is so focused on them that she is tense and twitchy. The house is so quiet on weekend mornings like this, when Agent M is at his Dad's house. I woke up at 5am, oddly wide awake but not too odd considering that last night I came home from work tired, made a steak for dinner, drank a beer too quickly, and fell asleep much earlier than I had planned. When I woke, I grabbed my mobile to check the time and found notifications of missed phone calls from the The Swede, a cryptic photo-text from my Mum that won't download (titled "It had to be done!") and another notification of emails received since last night - one of which was a sweet little message and three photos of a misty November morning taken near a lake by The Swede.

Today will be for crocheting, for hand washing dishes and putting away laundry, and for Agent M's next to last soccer game of the season. Today will be boots worn with leggings. Today the owl necklace that I adore will be cold when I put it on, but the metal will warm to my skin and the clink-clink it makes through out the day will make me smile. 

Today I will wrap up the stress from the last week, work on more job applications, and begin to plan which classes to take next semester. Today I will miss Agent M chattering at me, miss The Swede being close enough to touch, but also today will be for finding comfort in the knowing that I have two great guys in my life and the time we have together is that much more special. 

Today is beautiful in ways big and small - from the happiness of knowing that while I slept, someone was thinking of me, to the fresh smell in the air that only comes after the rain. 

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