Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Short of It.

There's something I need to put out there, mostly to make myself feel better. See, it looks like I rarely write posts but truth be told, I have been writing. A lot. 

And that is the problem. 

I start a post, and have a plan of what I want to get out...and then it gets long. And then longer. And then it gets to the point where it is a Beast that knows not the confines of word counts and I shove it into the drafts category of Blogger - a place I have come to mentally picture as a sort of limbo-like Hell for words. 

So, while I juggle doing homework, and time with Agent M, and studying for exams, and laundry, and catnaps, and oh-crap-I-need-to-clean-the-fish-tank-before-the-snails-picket type of deep housecleaning...I'll work on blogging little bits too. :)