Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Day Sunday

Parent/Teacher Conferences were last week for us. I have heard good things from his teacher, Mrs. CW, through the year, so I was damn near giddy at the idea of getting to sit for a bit and hear how awesome my kid is. (I'm proud of him, what can I say?)

The report was actually better than I had expected. He has a passion for math, which shows. From the phone calls home and chats after class, I already knew he was being well-behaved in class and showed a lot of excitement in learning. What I did not expect though was how far he has come in reading and comprehension. Last year, he was barely at grade level and hated to read. As a mum that is an avid reader and a writer, it was heart-wrenching. I personally felt like it was my fault, some sort of grave error on my part, that he didn't like to dive into books and explore the ways words can be combined into fantastic stories. So when Mrs. CW showed us his comprehension and reading test scores, my jaw almost dropped. He is reading at the next grade level and is almost at the top of the testing scales! I knew he had been reading more and more around the house, but didn't realize he had improved his skills that much! It was one of my proudest mumma-moments, to say the least.

When he gets good reports, I like to reward him with an "Anything Agent M Wants" day. We pick a day when I don't have work or other commitments, and what he says goes. I make what he wants to eat, we do what he wants, go wherever he decides, and I don't work, do laundry, wash dishes, etc. I'm all his and he's calling the shots for the day. In the past, we have gone to the park for hours, eaten cookies with breakfast, and gone to my parent's house to play video games with my Dad. When I asked him on Friday what he wanted for his day, which was going to be Sunday, he said he wanted it to be one of our "Lazy Days". Lazy Days are few and far between at our house, simply because of lack of time. We do the bare minimum on Lazy Days, the agenda usually heavily devoted to watching cartoons while laying on my bed. With writing to be done, job-hunting, laundry, work shifts, and school plays to juggle most days, we have not had a Lazy Day for months. Saturday night he was going to be spending the night at my parent's house (and I was taking advantage of the time to go out with some girls from work), so a Lazy Day following on Sunday sounded perfect. 

I told my Mum about the Lazy Day and that he was allowed to sleep in as late as he wanted (and their plans allowed). She loved the idea and to give them enough time to play, we planned on me picking him up about 12noon (Which was good considering I slept in until 11am that morning). Once I picked him up, Agent M reminded me that we were to go right home so that he could play a game on the laptop while sitting on my bed. Still waking up, I thought that sounded like a great idea. 

Our day roughly went like this: We climbed onto my bed, he played his games online for a bit while I crocheted. The cat snuggled with us, we made up pretend conversations with her. 

Suki loves Lazy Days just as much as we do. She was in our laps  most of the day.

Snuggled up on the bed. Crocheting to the left on me, Army games to the right, Suki stuck in the middle.

Photo from my bed. Such a messy room! Shoes to be put away, laundry to be hung! But Lazy Day means no cleaning!

Numerous episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle were watched, and I got in numerous naps. He requested "Brinner" for a late lunch (normally, "Brinner" is "breakfast for dinner", in this case it meant we had hash browns, biscuits with jam, and scrambled eggs for lunch.). More crocheting, more games, more cartoons, more naps. I played with the camera on my phone. He defeated online armies. 

Where we camped out for 80% of the day. (And no makeup!)

While making dinner, we discovered that at 7 years old, he has already grown taller than my shoulders.

I am 5ft tall. Agent M is quickly catching up to me.

For dinner, he decided on red beans with rice and tilapia. Nothing fancy, but one of his current favorites.

Not the best photo - but we decided that red beans and rice are love. :)

We finished off the evening with him beating me at chess, twice, and then heading back to my bed for a chapter of Harry Potter before actually going to bed. I turned on a "Harry Potter" playlist on Pandora while I read, and we snuggled close under a big fleece blanket, the cat wedged between us, purring happily. It was a perfect Lazy Day, a reminder that even with all the fuss and work to be done, we should take the time for more lazy moments.

(No NaBloPoMo Prompt today - the prompt doesn't really apply to me, so I'm calling for an "off day")

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