Friday, November 18, 2011

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the Day: Happy

Prompt of the Day:

What has been the happiest moment of your life, thus far?

Happiest moment of my life. That is a tough one. I have had a lot of bad days with happy moments, happy mornings, happy evenings, happy outcomes. How do I pick just one? Each one has had it's value. How do I place one above all others? The answer: Easily.

When thinking of happiest moments, the first that comes to mind is the moment when I got to finally hold Agent M and really see him for the first time. Labor sucked - I had been stuck all night and morning in a hospital bed with monitors, a catheter, and no end in sight. I briefly remember that at one point during pushing, he was not coming out and they threatened to use forceps, only to discover that his cord was wrapped around his neck - at which point they told me to stop pushing and I begged the nurse to let me push, the urge was so great. Once he was untangled, the rest is a bit of a blur. He was checked, I did...something...not sure what...and then, he was in my arms. I said to him, "There you are!" and marveled at how little and bird-like he was. His nose was so cute, and his ears were adorable. I felt like my eyes were not enough to see him all, I wanted to see him and know him completely at once. At that moment I felt what I had never once felt before - what I can only describe as pure love and joy for another. What I felt went beyond just being happy. Having him in my arms and seeing him felt perfect. It was as if something in me finally clicked, shifted just a little but enough to make my whole existence for a different reason. It was a brief moment, as I needed to be checked more and people shuffled through the room. But that moment, that shift, that little connection, was enough that it has been nestled close to my heart every single day since.

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