Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because Now I am Interesting

I really do not understand how nor why my son does it, but whenever I am on one of those super tight "If-I-don't-finish-this-NOW-my-head-is-gonna-roll" deadlines for something, he suddenly decides that I am not only the most interesting person in the world, but also that he is going to remain glued to my side and want nothing more than to bask in my presence. And whisper things under his breathe to break my focus. And knee me in the back, accidentally of course. And shoot laser sounds at me from across the room.

Yes, I am THAT mom - the type with a large gorilla in our living room.

Somehow, I do not think this will be an acceptable reason for my late papers though. Looks like another late night for me - off I go to play Transformers.

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