Saturday, April 30, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 - A picture of my most treasured item

A small framed photo of my grandpa and me. This is kind of close to how I picture him when I think of him.

Another hard one to decide on. I have lots of things - borderline hoarder in some ways, such as my art supplies (and working on that!). But they are just things. I know I treasure my cd collection, and cried at the thought of selling them all when I hit a huge financial bump in the road a few months ago. I want to share them with Agent M as he grows older, as he discovers music in a different way than just something to listen to. But, they are not my most treasured things. I just really enjoy having them. There's my laptop. My life line for school and work and "talking" to my friends who live overseas. But it is not a treasured item's more like a third arm, haha.

While unpacking and cleaning last week, I found the photo of my grandpa holding me. I've had the photo since I was a teen. It was one of the first photos I ever went out and bought a frame for, hunting the racks of thrift stores for just the right one. Something pretty but masculine, not too fancy but nicer than just a plain wood frame. He died when I was a freshman in high school and I miss him everyday. For this photo, I wanted something nice but sturdy so that no matter where I was, I could have it with me.

Not fancy, but not plain. Sturdy, but not overbearing. Nice, simple, and just about perfect. Just like him.

There are many things I treasure. Gifts from Agent M, many other photos (including one I took of my grandpa, giving me a huge goofy smile while standing in his kitchen making a sandwich.), my numerous art supplies. But they really are just things. I value more the memories they bring up, the creations they inspire.

But of all the memories, I treasure the ones of my grandpa the most. He laid the groundwork on showing me what a man is. Trustworthy, honest, strong, but still able to make apple dumplings from scratch. With hands that could build a dog house, rabbit hutches, and plant a garden but also carefully dust the smallest of ceramic figurines and help a little girl with getting her shoes on. He was a man who believed that if something was worth doing, you did it right.

He was a man who always kissed his wife hello and good bye. Always.

I miss him, and I treasure the things that help keep him in my life.

To give a better idea of the size of the photo - it's tiny!

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  1. I sincerely hope that evey male role model (and you all are whether you think you are or not) when he reads your words describing what a real man is, allows those attriubtes to make a home in his heart. Wonderful description and lovely memories to share. I think your Grandpa is smiling at you right now!