Tuesday, April 19, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - A picture of my favorite memory. 

Unfortunately, I don't have photos of any of my favorite memories. 

The very first moment that I saw Agent M, and said to him, "There you are!"

The time I helped my Grandpa put together a deck cover, and he let me tighten the screws myself.

The time my Grandma Norma was teaching me to swim in a heated outdoor pool while we were on a family vacation in Tahoe, and it started to snow softly.

The first time Agent M and I had a good, fun, full day after getting into our new apartment and I fell asleep that night easily, telling myself that it was going to all be okay and really believing that I could do this single parent thing.

The time my mum and I had our dog Kelly in the car and she poo'd - but it was so cold out that all we could do was crack the windows and gasp for air. (Gross as anything, but funny and we still laugh over it.)

The time The Ex and I were laying in bed after his massive car accident, and he was finally home from the hospital, and it just felt so good to know he was safe next to me and that Agent M, still growing inside my womb, would not have to go through life without knowing his dad.

The time when I was a kid and my dad and I sat in his truck while he was working at a recycling center, and in between customers, he taught me how to do double digit multiplication. 

The first day after moving Agent M and I in with my parents, and waking up the next day and knowing I had their love to help me through the most horrible circumstance of my life so far. 

Waking up to Agent M climbing into my bed and snuggling with me. It was just an average morning but we spent who-knows-how-long just laying there, chatting and snuggling. It was simple, beautiful, and just a moment frozen in time for us.

So, while there are no photos that I can post, all the memories of love and happiness will forever be in my heart. And that's something I'll always treasure.

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