Sunday, April 10, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1

I will not lie - I used to love memes, photo challenges, write-a-longs, crochet-a-longs, etc. If I could jump on an online bandwagon, I would do it.

But that was before being a mum, when I had that thing called "more free-time".

Thinking about it more though, being a parent gives me even more reason to include myself and document this random bits of my life. Instead of a physical scrapbook, this blog is going to become one of the pieces that will help form our history for Agent M. My life is being a mom, a daughter, a student, a writer (though that title I still don't feel fully deserving of), and a woman. I have a blog, so obviously I want to document it - my little Who-like yelp to say, "I am here!". For the past two weeks, I have been following a relative's Facebook posts of a "100 Day Photo Challenge", where each day has a theme to which a photo is posted. As much as I liked the idea, for the past two weeks, I have been telling myself I will do it too, but will start it later.

Well, no more excuses!

Besides, this blog needs so photos. They will never be perfect, they will never be cool iPhone photos that have been edited with even cooler apps (sigh), but they will be photos of my life and that is good enough.

So - without any more procrastinating and with a bit more confidence...

Day 1 - A picture of myself with fifteen facts

With Agent M while at Apple Hill last year. My hair is a little longer and all brown right now, and Agent M's two missing teeth have come in. This is one of my favorite photos of us, and one of the few where I actually like how I look.

  1. I absolutely do not like my nose - it has a bump and I think it looks huge in photographs. But since my Mum has it too, I will NEVER get a nose job. (On my Mum, it is beautiful and she has a cute nose, so not sure why I have such issues with mine)
  2. I will do what I can to take spiders and most bugs outside instead of killing them, but ants are a whole other category in my opinion. If they are invading my home, I figure they've asked for it and are fair game.
  3. I love sushi with lots of fish - the first time I tasted sashimi I thought I had tasted heaven.
  4. Last year, my hair was almost waist-length and I was paid to cut it to a pixie cut. I think if paid enough, I would shave my head bald. It's just hair and will grow back. Though, I honestly love having super long hair and miss it considerably.
  5. I know less than five things about the male contributer to my DNA, and it bugs me only because I worry about what unknowns I might have lurking in some distant medical history.
  6. My Dad is the most awesome dad a girl could hope for and I everyday I feel really grateful that my Mum had the smarts and sass to fall in love with such a great guy. 
  7. My Mum pretty much had to re-evaluate herself and goals a few years back and I am constantly amazed with how well she did it. She's definitely my role-model for handling crappy situations with grace, wit, and a whole lot of style.
  8. My idea of the "perfect breakfast" is hash browns with a little ketchup, two eggs over-easy, two sausage links, and 2 slices of wheat toast, buttered and sliced into triangles. I will order this every time I go out to eat for breakfast, and yes - I will dip my toast corners in the eggs. 
  9. I once hated my body so much that I would lie, hide food, and do whatever I could to consume less then 800 calories a day. At the time, I liked being thin and was so messed up that I thought it was worth it, but the health problems and hypoglycemia I have now is so not worth the crap I put my body through.
  10. I only have two regrets in life, the rest I would not change for anything. I believe everything can be learned from, the good and the bad.
  11. I love being back in school - despite feeling way over my head most of the time. 
  12. I have 8 tattoos - seven of them mean something significant to me, one was a 50$ whim because my cousin was getting a tattoo and I wanted to get one with her.
  13. I love Tiki statues and have a 3.5 foot tall Tiki in my living room. 
  14. I stopped drinking caffeinated drinks after ending up in the ER on New Year's Eve 2009 with severe dehydration. I pretty much have only drank water since then and feel world's better for it.
  15. I love the ocean and would love to live closer to it, even though I do not know how to swim with my head under water and hate getting my face wet.
I was going to put something about Agent M being my reason for breathing and how much I absolutely love being his mum - but I'm sure from this blog you could already tell :-)

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