Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My morning.

Just about 1am: Wake up. It's cold and bright. Too bright for 1am. Agent M is sleeping soundly next to me on my bed and the bedroom light is still on. Realize, yes, I did fall asleep after reading bedtime stories to Agent M, just as I had predicted. Decide he is far too cute to disturb and leave him sleeping in my bed, with my blankets completely nested around him.

1:08am: Grab my cell phone off of the dresser, checking the time as I sit up, then stand up. Tell self that I will be back in bed by 2am, no ifs, ands, or buts. Tuck in Agent M a little bit more, turn off light and make my way to the bathroom.

1:09am: Mentally think many bad things about the cat as I see she has chosen a spot on the carpet over her lightly soiled litter box. Add it to the list of things she has done in the last 24 hours that have made me one pissed off pet owner. Make the choice to leave it until I am actually awake, thus reducing the risk of me being a klutz and making things an even bigger mess.

1:11am: Try on my swimsuit from last year. Was supposed to do this once Agent M fell asleep and I had alone time, but since I fell asleep then and am awake now, I figure there's no time like the present. (Still in the mindset that I am going to be back in bed by 2am and will have the energy to go to the YMCA with a friend for a swim aerobics class at 10am.)

1:13am: Happily surprised that swimsuit looks better on than expected. More awake now also, I remember the lights are still on downstairs. Hang up swim suit, head downstairs.

1:14am: Downstairs. Lock 2nd lock on front door, turn off fish tank light, turn off kitchen light, turn off dining room light. Laptop is still on. Decide to check Facebook.

1:43am: Having checked Facebook, read a news article about the EPA's new stance on fluoride, gone through the email a little, and entered into 3 contests for Hawaiian vacations, I see I still have about 20 mins until my self-imposed back-to-bed time. Decide to watch a "quick" episode of Psyche on Netflix. It's won't go past bed time much ,so I'm good. (Or so I thought.)

2:28am: I say Stick It to the back-to-bed time, I'm too awake still and my stomach hurts now. Get the leftover bowl of pasta out of the fridge, add more sauce and cheese, heat it up and settle back down on the couch, wrapped in a big blankety nest of my own and watch another episode of Psyche.

2:47am: Remember something someone had said about someone else's blog. Decide mid-Psych episode to find said blog.

3:14am: Still on the path to finding said blog, get distracted and find myself dozing off while reading the comics off of Yahoo!

3:34am - 5:58am: I really have no idea what I was doing, but I know it was all on my laptop and involved blog hopping, facebook, looking up World Cup 2014, youtube videos, and browsing through personal ads that I honestly have NO intention of actually pursuing. Also, many trips to the restroom as my stomach has decided it hates me.

6:00am: Doze off again for a milasecond but decide it's too close to when I have to get Agent M up for school to go back to sleep now. Login to blogger and work on a post. (Not this one.)

6:08am: Hear cell phone alarm going off upstairs. Run to go turn it off, fearing that it will startle Agent M and start our day off on the wrong foot. Find him sleeping with his head about 6 inches from the alarm. Didn't even flinch. Feel slight bit of pride and worry as I think, "That's my boy", and "Crap, he's just like me".

6:09am: Go back downstairs to work on the post more.

6:28am: Blog hop onto Single Dad Laughing. Read about crazy things Grandmas say and his take on why women get so caught up in not feeling good enough. Inspired, and slightly intimidated. Decide that I really need to to amp things up on my own blog.

6:48am: See the time. Remember that when we get a ride to school, we leave at 7:20am. When we have to walk, we have to leave at 7am. Today we have to walk. Agent M is still asleep and I am not wearing pants. Oops.

6:59am: I'm dressed, and have Agent M's clothes in hand. He is refusing to uncoil himself from my blankets until I make it warm everywhere. Taking a deep breathe, I explain for the 3rd time that I can not put his chonies on for him. Growls come from under the blankets. The cat runs off. I suddenly remember about the "present" she left me, that I still have to clean up. I silently think of a few choice phrases about her.

7:08am: Agent M is up, dressed, and off of the bed. He is grumpy and goes into the bathroom with a huff. I beg God to make him hurry up so that he doesn't miss breakfast at school. Get my shoes on and yell to Agent M to meet me downstairs. I try calling to get us a ride from my mum, but no answer. It's okay, I tell myself, we can do this.

7:12am: I know my limits. Text my friend and explain that there is no way I'll have the energy to go to the YMCA with her at 10am. I pray that she understands that I really, really, really wanted to go. My stomach aches and further convinces me that being sloshed around in water would not be good today.

7:15am: Agent M is still in the bathroom. I tell him we need to get going. Silence. I ask if he heard me. More silence. I ask if he's okay. Even more silence. I knock on the door and ask again if he's okay. He yells, "MOM, I'M POOPING!!! BE QUIET!!!". (o_O)

7:20am: Finally, we both have shoes on, we both have coats on, and we have 10 mins to walk the mile to school if we want to make it in time for him to eat breakfast. Urgh.

7:23am: Freakin' freezing. I make Agent M put on his hat and gloves. He proceeds to walk like a robot for two blocks, arms bent at his sides so that his hands are sticking out in front of him. He tells me he can't put his arms down because of the gloves.

7:25am - 7:37am: We both lament how much walking on cold days sucks. I tell him when we get a car again, we won't walk when it's cold out. He tells me when we have a car we're never walking anywhere again. Great. His obesity risk just went up 25% because I can't afford to get my car repaired and he now hates exercise. I tell him it's good to walk for exercise and bonding, because we get to really be together and talk more. We reach a compromise that once we have a car again, we will only walk when it's nice weather out.

7:38am: We get to his school. It's too late for breakfast. I try to get him to eat the orange I brought in my pocket. No dice. Try to convince him to eat it during snack time. He still says no. I finally just put it in his backpack and tell him I'll feel better if he has it, "just in case". He asks if it makes me feel better to know it will still be there when I pick him up. The Force is strong in this one.

7:40am: School bell rings. Agent M is pissed that he missed recess and blames our being late entirely on me and the orange. I'm sure he is thinking his own choice phrases for me as he huffs off to line up for class. I call my Mum and am happy to know she is on her way to give me a ride home.

7:43am: It all rolls down hill. I huff a little at my Mum. She understands. Her car is warm. I feel pretty guilty to be getting a warm ride home. My Mum assures me that she will give us a ride tomorrow morning.

7:55am: After driving around the block and talking a bit, I get home. As much as I just want to go pull up a movie on Netfliz and take a nap on the couch, I get the carpet cleaner and shop towels out and head upstairs to clean up the "present". Another discovery - shop towels bought at the dollar store are not worth the dollar. More choice phrases about the cat, this time verbal since Agent M is not home. Cat responds by stretching out in a patch of sunbeam and purring at me. I wash my hands 3 times, go back downstairs.

8:23am - 11am: Ate some sausage and a mini box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for breakfast while typing up this post. Get distracted often by phone calls, text messages, youtube videos, and my never ending quest to make The Most Perfect and Awesome Playlist Ever. End up on the World Cup 2014 page again. And Facebook.

whew. Now, time to start my day.

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