Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday in my hermit shell

John Lee Hooker singing the blues on my stereo. Suki is laying behind my laptop, purring along with the songs watching the trees outside my bedroom window sway in the wind. I've got textbooks and notes piled next to me on my bed, typing and typing out words, my laptop sitting on a folded blanket “stand” in front of me. It's chilly and cold out, but my heater just kicked in and it's comfortable enough inside to just be wearing a tank top and pajama shorts. This is how I started my day.

I've been writing and typing since about 8am, breaking for peanut butter sandwiches and to stretch my legs. Agent M is with The Ex this weekend and save for dinner with friends tonight and church tomorrow afternoon, I'll be home. Writing and catching up on homework. So far, I'm at 4 papers down, 3 to go. 

The wind from this morning has turning into gusts, shaking the trees and moving my curtains through the rattly old windows upstairs. I had a blue tarp covering some wooden furniture on my patio and it's blown off yet again. By now the water damage is probably already done so I'm not going to try covering it again. Too cold and wet to go outside. 

Tonight, I have plans for dinner with a couple friends and doing laundry at their house. They have been so great at keeping me motivated, fed, and from becoming a complete recluse when Agent M is gone. Left to my own devices on days like this, I usually end up eating slices of bread for meals (if I remember to eat at all) because I get so wrapped up in what I am doing. Focused. Intent on the finish line. 

Last night I talked to my mum at 5pm, and planned to write for an hour or so then go over to visit and eat dinner. But distraction and a phone call from a friend lead me to look inside one of the boxes still unpacked in my room, after noticing how unpacked my room looks when the friend mentioned they'd like to come see my new place one day. Next thing I knew, it was 8pm. I had been productive, but completely lost track of time. Thankfully, my mum understands and is used to my bad habits and there was still a bowl of pasta for me when I got to her house.

Today time tried to run from me, but I paced myself. The start was slow, but a steady paper per hour pace came up. I haven't finished everything I hoped (1 paper is only half finished, another needs editing) to finish today, but I was still pretty productive. I'll be honest, distraction briefly came and went today in the form of the former friend mentioned in a previous post has being on the edges of my mind, along with playing solitaire.

But I have friends coming to take me to dinner. Friends who "get it", who get my need for space and my need for a quiet push at the right times. Friends who know I miss Agent M and have been there with their own kids, friends who know the quickest way to this hermit's heart is the promise of sushi. 

I'm liking today.

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