Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down with the sickness.

I am now sick too. Such is the life of being a parent - you live in a constant "petri dish" state. 

I was supposed to take one of my midterms this morning and was crying at the thought of missing it. But I had vertigo so badly that I literally fell off my bed and had to hold the stair rail with both hands just to make it downstairs. Driving to school was not an option. Thank God for instructors that let you make up midterms. (If you are reading this Stephanie, thank you! You are awesome and if I didn't make sense while talking to you, I am terribly sorry. I was a mess this morning. Did I mention that you are awesome?)

Today has been a steady rhythm of crackers, water, more crackers, more water, chunky peanut butter right from the container, rice, more crackers, more water. Some where in there I took a couple ginger tablets, and once my stomach settled I polished off a can of green beans with the fervor of a crazed woman. 

Talked with The Ex a bit today Agent M is still sick and will be missing school tomorrow probably also. Even though it is killing my soul difficult to not be the one comforting him, it's nice to be able to focus on myself and getting better. I can't wait to see him on Friday though. It's going to be our first weekend together - no work, no school, no obligations - in about a year. I'm hoping to get a car from a friend if we are feeling better and driving us to 2 or 3 different parks. If not, we will be blobbing at home, Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons on the laptop and reading stories in bed all day. Either way -nothing but fun. I might have to stay up all night to finish my homework during those days, but it will be so much more than worth it.

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