Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the home stretch!

I am taking 4 classes.

Last week, I turned in one major project, two reading quizzes (tests that are taken at home and submitted online), and took one midterm test.

I scored:
100% on the project,
80% and 96% on the quizzes, and
148 out of 150 on the midterm.

Tomorrow, I have a test in one class, a major paper due in another, and on Friday I have the last of my midterm tests. I also have to get 3 to 4 posts up to Sacramento Parent in the next 9 days. (oops.)

Not to mention the usual jumble of assignments that will be due over the next few weeks.

It's multi-tasking to the hilt. It's also the point in semester that I usually would stop going to my classes (I'm a three-time college drop out), and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling the familiar urge to bail.

So, my poor little blog is the plate that has to falter. Not for much longer, just through these next few days.

Then, you guys won't be able to shut me up ;-)

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