Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still sick. Not just in the head either.

Agent M is still sick. I am still sick.

Not completely knock-down sick. Just feel like junk, head pounding, unable to focus on anything for more than 5 seconds sick. Just whiney, want to stay in bed and play video games, stomach hurts and nothing is setting in there right sick.

And that's just me.

Agent M is stuffed up, coughing, and his low fever is back. His eyes are red and puffy, and despite taking a nap this afternoon, he looks like he hasn't slept in days. He's constantly saying he's cold and piling blankets on himself, which is not exactly helping his fever. If you ever want to feel like a real jerk, tell a sick child they can't have a blanket up to their ears and begin a pseudo-tug of war with them over where the blanket can lay. 

He keeps moaning and asking why does he have to always be sick. Mind you, he's only been sick a handful of times in his whole 6 years of life. The past few weeks have been a doozy though and this bug keeps lingering, so I guess I can understand the dramatics.

This is also our first weekend together in about a year. No big plans, no trips, no school events or going to work. I'm a bit annoyed that we both are sick. I wanted to have fun and wanted him to really enjoy this weekend. So I'm making do with what we've got - instead of typing up articles and midterm papers, Agent M is going to be watching Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons on Netflix (via my laptop), snuggled up next to me while I hand write things. After he goes to bed, I'll be staying up late, typing and editing. Because when it comes down to it, I really need this 4.0 and really am needing to get this freelance writing to take off, but my little secret agent needs his mum to rub his back and give him some extra attention. I know it will make us both feel a bit better.

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