Sunday, October 16, 2011

He Said It Would Be Funny

So, he's been mentioned a bit. The Swede. Not explaining much on this one, other than he is a wonderful friend that I met about six months ago when he was visiting from Sweden with family.

While we were chatting online today, I asked him if I could write about him, or if it would be okay if he came up in my writings. He said sure, and that it would be funny. He was already mentioned in a paper I wrote right after we first met, and he knows of my blogging, but I never flat out got his okay to mention him. (Little did he know  he already had a nickname...but that's small potatoes at this point.)

So there's that, combined with me sending off an email to The Ex today letting him know what is up, and I can now blog about the surprise mentioned in this post (third bullet point from the bottom).

The Swede is coming for a visit. :)

He will get here the day after we get home from Vegas, late at night. That will give me about 24 hours to air out the house, unpack, do last minute cleaning, and get enough sleep, showering, and girl-time to look decent when I pick him up at 10pm. Plus, the usual stuff of getting Agent M to and from school, and then having dinner with my parents for Dad's birthday, and then leaving Agent M there for a sleepover while I go to pick up The Swede.

Agent M is excited also, thankfully. His main concerns were if The Swede would be going to his soccer game and making sure that no one was going to take his bed.

I'm excited. I'm nervous, but in an excited way. We have outfits that go together for Halloween, and lots of little plans, and as much as I want to yell with excitement from the roof - his quietness is rubbing off on me and I'm keeping this a little closer and quieter.

So for the next week, I'll be wearing a little Mona Lisa smile and quickly finishing up work around the house. Then a fun weekend in Vegas with family, then home and waiting for The Swede to arrive.

And when he gets here, I will have the biggest grin, this side of the world.

(I have a much less refined and less mellow post on this, below)

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