Sunday, October 16, 2011

Typical Sunday

My "Missions to Accomplish List" for the day:

  • Go buy more gummy bears. I need my gummy bears if I plan to get anything done today!
  • Email my doctor. Since I was supposed to email her Friday. Oops.
  • Email The Ex. Since I should have emailed him Thursday. Oops.
  • Go to the library and drop off the books I have been hoarding forgetting to return for over a month. Oops.
  • Take all the blankets, pillows, and dirty laundry to the laundry mat. 
  • Apply for a small personal loan, to be paid out in all quarters, to pay for the laundry washing and drying that needs to take place today.
  • Eat gummy bears. Drink tea. 
  • Go to the local music/dvd stores and try to sell half my cd collection and the last of my dvds. 
  • Pray to the Good Fortune Gods that I get enough money from selling things to cover my car payment and enough of the SMUD bill to keep from getting turned off.
  • Figure out how in the world to afford mailing the two packages I need to send out to friends.
  • Finish one of the 18 posts I have started for the "work" blog and actually post something for the first time in almost two months.
  • Clean the dirt off of all 8 pumpkins Agent M and I brought home yesterday. Find a place to put them that is not my kitchen counter.
  • Finish hanging Halloween decorations and put the ones I'm not using back into the storage closet on the patio.
  • Move the plants on the patio from the ground into the hanging planter.
  • Pray to the Gardening Gods that the transplanted plants make it through the winter.
  • Eat more gummy bears. Drink more tea.
  • Finish putting away EVERYTHING that is messy in my room and the living room. This includes tackling the desk area and my "photo frames to be hung" area. I am due to start the actual "cleaning" part of cleaning my house tomorrow, and to do that, things need to be picked up and put away. 
  • Abandon the gummy bears and tea and go to my parents house in search of pizza and a beer. 
  • Go back home, fold laundry, wrap up all the "loose ends" around the house, collapse in bed and fall asleep while watching "How I Met Your Mother" and wondering if I will ever fall in love again. 

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