Wednesday, October 12, 2011


While walking to my car after school:
Agent M: "Okay, so try to kill me."
Agent A (a school friend): "What?! No!"
Agent M: "No, it's okay, just kill me."
Agent A: "But, I don't want to!"
Agent M: "But, I am a bad guy! Just kill me!"
Agent A: "But you are my best friend, I don't want to kill you, even if you are a bad guy."
Agent M: "Okay, well, then we should take over the world."
Agent A: "Okay, as long as I don't have to kill you."

While snuggling in Agent M's bed at the end of his first day back:
Me: As our cat drapes herself over us both and begins to purr loudly: "Aww, we're a happy little family."
Agent M: whispers: "But we are a divorced family."
Me: "Right, but we are still happy. You can be happy, even when everything has changed.....Do you ever wish that Daddy and I still lived together?"
Agent M: "No!"
Me: "Okay...yeah, we are both a little happier now, it just wasn't working for us to live together anymore..." (Not a great response, but it was late, that's all I could think of on the fly!)
Agent M: "And now, I have two homes and I can play video games in both places!"
Me: "...(o__O)..."
Agent M: "And I get to see Nana and Baba a lot!"
Me: "...(-___-)..."

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