Sunday, October 16, 2011


So, I mentioned that The Swede is going to be here a week from tomorrow?

Eight days, people!

I have a car load of laundry to do between now and then - pillows, blankets, sheets, clothes - plus the mess that is my desk area to cram into the file cabinet neatly file away and sort. Plus dusting and cleaning every single inch of my "never really noticed just how big this place really is" townhouse.

Now, not all of the cleaning is because of the visit. In all honesty, I had gotten far behind on cleaning in the past few weeks with the whole immune-system going on a bender and trying to recoup. The sad part of that cycle though, is that part of the crash is due to my allergies getting bad. I am allergic to dust and cat dander. So - that means that I need to clean often or else I get really run down, sick, and then my immune system freaks out and attacks itself. Which leaves me worn out and slacking out on cleaning. Which leads to more dust and cat dander around the house. Which leads to me getting sicker. Which leads to me typing up long, run on paragraphs explaining the nasty cycle instead of me getting my bum off the bed and actually cleaning.


But yes, to reiterate - in about one week's time, Agent M and I will be on our way home from Las Vegas, and I will be praying that Suki has not stunk up the place while we were gone. In a little more than a week's time, I will be airing out the house, doing last minute errands, and trying to take a nap before picking Agent M up from school, spending the afternoon with him, coming home to shower and relax, and then zooming down the highway to pick up The Swede from the airport.

Oh, and the schedule for Spring 2012 classes is released that day, so somewhere in unpacking/airing out the house/trying to not explode from excitement and nerves, I will also need to sit down and plan out what I classes I will attempt to get into. Which reminds me that I need to fill out the FASFA this week.....

Eight days, people.

Five days left before Vegas.

Five days to clean away the dust bunnies, get enough sleep to make the dark circles under my eyes disappear, do all the laundry, run 15 errands, pack, and get my immune system back to working properly. Plus, I need to stay on top of writing (I'm on a bit of a roll, want to keep it that way), do the usual soccer/work/Mancub custody shuffle, and find a way to get my old car towed to a friend's scrap yard.

I'm going to need a whole lot of gummy bears.

Thank goodness I have this little guy to help me stay silly and grounded.

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