Friday, June 24, 2011

Seven Things I Never Expected to See or Hear At My Son's Seventh-Birthday Party

(oops - thought I posted this weeks ago. Better late than never!)

My son, Agent M, had his seventh-birthday party today at my parent's house last Saturday. Given that it was zombie-themed and our family's love for the fringe, I expected it to be a bit kooky. However, there were some things, said and seen, that not even I would have expected.

1.) "Wait! You forgot to cut out his heart!" - Agent M to his best friend while playing some sort of pretend zombie attack on the friend's older brother.

2.) At one point during the party, I think my mum officially lost her marbles as she ran to her room and came back out minutes later wearing a frog-printed bandanna and neck-to-toe black clothes, wielding a slingshot, and armed with rice cracker balls for ammo. She then started a food fight in her own living room. If it wasn't for the video I recorded on my cell phone of the chaos that erupted, I would think it was all a daydream. An unexpected, bizarre daydream.

3.) "You're going to get toxoplasmosis for eating worms out of brains!" - Said to me by a scientifically-educated friend, as I picked the gummy worms off a Jell-O brain.

4.) "Hmm, how can I make it look like I am covered in blood?" - The older brother mentioned in #1, above.

5.) "Would you like some bug juice or muddy water?" - Myself, offering a guest some lemonade or tea to drink.

6.) My Dad actually dressed up like a zombie, complete with baggy jeans and a torn, fake-blood splattered sports coat and black eyeshadow around his eyes.

7.) "Don't eat all of your lips - we can take them home and you can finish them later. Have some cake instead." - Myself to Agent M, encouraging him to eat root beer cake over a giant green-colored chocolate shaped like a mouth.

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