Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Middle Child.

Poor, little neglected blog.

I make no excuses. I found time to type and write while pulling through four college classes, you would think working part-time would be a cake walk for me.

But it hasn't been.

I have been exhausted, drained, and completely focused on everything except for sitting my bum down and plunking out words.

Oh, wait - what happened to no excuses?

Anyways, I am committing myself to this blog again. Agent M is my first priority, and the "9-to-5 (actually, 6)" job is important since I do have bills to pay and a quality of living I would like to support. But my writing is my baby, and this blog is my "middle child", not to be overlooked by the needs of my other metaphoric babies.

There is so much keeping me busy, which is truly all the more reason to plunk it out. Evenings spent eating ice cream bars and watching cartoons, funny conversations, sick day realizations, lazy summer days spent playing catch, striking that balance between being a work-outside-the-home mum and all the things I strive for while raising Agent M, and the pure, simple excitement when I finally got my hands on a copy of the local magazine that has my first, real, printed article in it.

Truth be told, I have started a number of posts, but never got back to finish them and post them before the moment is gone. Like a middle child, this blog has had to share my time with so many other things, and I feel like a horrible mother for not spending as much time with it.

But, that's going to change. I'm going to work on the half-done posts tonight, and get myself on a routine to be back into the feel for posting often.

Just bear with me through all these growing pains :) 

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