Monday, June 20, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 - A picture of something I love.

Going the NON-obvious route here (Agent M, sleeping in, yarn, lazy cloudy days spent curled up in a blanket and crocheting, painting, staple guns, all things Tiki, retro, and kitsch).

I love the "inside" joke my Mum and I share:

"Shrimp's on sale."

See, a while back - years, really - Mum and I were talking, and it was about something specific...when she suddenly turned and looked at me, blurting out, "Shrimp's on sale." as if we had been talking about market prices all along. It was such a surprise, my jaw dropped a little and I just replied, "Okaaaay.....". There was a pause as we just looked at each other....then we both started laughing. She did not know why she felt the need to blurt it out, I forgot completely what we had been talking about, and the rest is history. It started off as a joke now and then after that, she would change the subject and I would ask, "Oh, and is shrimp on sale also?" with a laugh. Eventually it became our own slang. Now, every time one of us changes the topic suddenly, or needs to change the topic suddenly, we'll say "Shrimp's on sale!". It's something that is silly, goofy, and completely us.

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