Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Completely Understand

My Monday morning was spent hiking back and forth over the college campus, trying to sort out Financial Aid and figure out why I was dropped from a class and how to get back into it, then making it through two classes, if "making it" means taking notes on auto-pilot while thinking about the 5 different things I need to get done when I get home. The afternoon was more hiking across campus to solve the Dropped Class Dilemma, then a rush to pick up Agent M from school, only to have him be completely cranky on the walk home.

Practically juggling my laptop case, Agent M's backpack, and a bag of burritos that were for our late lunch, I was also mentally juggling how I was going to accomplish my to-do list for the day, my frustration towards Agent M's mood, how to get him to do his homework so I could start mine, and how to make 3 important phone calls in the next hour. Agent M was doing his own juggling - a grumpy mood, his frustration with my response, the looming doom of homework, and whatever was eating at him below the surface.

After a self-imposed exile to his room, I finally coaxed Agent M out to talk to me while we sat on the stairs. Mondays for him are a sometimes rocky transition from the weekend at Daddy's house back to the weekdays at Mama's house, and this Monday was no exception. We talked about his mood, my hopes for the evening, his weekend, my morning. Calmed and in a moment that both stung my heart and made me proud of his inner clarity, Agent M exclaimed, "There's just too much in my head!".

I know, little guy. I completely understand.

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