Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I did it!

I first attempted to go to college in Fall 2001.

...five more "attempted" semesters, and ten years later...

...and lucky semester number seven is the first semester I have ever fully completed!

I feel so amazed, relieved, accomplished, and just a little disappointed that I did not do better. But I did it. I stuck with it when I could not understand theories, when I felt sick, when Spring Break threatened to pull my brain out my ear and on to a permanent vacation. When a recent health concern took me by surprise and kept me worried for weeks, instead of just throwing in the towel I talked to my professors. I got extensions on papers, make-up tests. I stayed up until the early hours and just gave myself little room for excuses.

I proved to myself that, no matter the labels I stick to myself - single-mom, on disability, in the divorce process, former housewife, no college degree yet, still a bit young and unskilled, etc. - I am one tough cookie.

Another notch on my "see, life is getting better" belt. Another high-five to myself that I can do this.

And, to add just that little extra bit of fantastic to my day? I can finally get some of my hair into pigtails again (my hairstyle of choice when my hair was long). When Agent M noticed this after we got home from school today, he told me I looked "just like one of those college girls".

Indeed, little dude. I'm just like one of those college girls.

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