Friday, May 20, 2011

100 Day Photo Challenge - Day 10 (well, #10 at the least)

Day 10 - A picture of the person I do the most messed up things with.

Well, to be honest...I have no idea what this means. 

I don't do "messed up" things. 

So - calling a "Skip!" on this one, and posting a silly string of photos instead...

If you are a parent, you know what it takes sometimes to get a good "casual" photo. 

However, if you are not familiar with the process of getting a kid to smile and hold reasonably still for the seconds it takes to capture a photo, let me show you...

First, you need to convince the kid to come out of hiding in his closet.

Next, take photo. Kid will claim to smile. This is a lie.

Threaten with kisses.


Try again. Get the only great photo of yourself that has been taken in weeks, but also get another goofy photo of the kid, not smiling and missing half an eye.

Try again. Kid smiles. Like a puffer fish would smile. 

To hell with it. Tickling commences. Camera is wildly turned about, capturing odd photos.

Threaten to eat brains unless a good photo is taken.

Kid will, again, try to convince you that this counts as a smile.

Make your own goofy smile, "Just one goofy photo, THEN a real picture!".

Kid takes camera. Kid takes self-portrait. 

Get a photo of kid with a good smile, and the closet in the background.

Make faces with kid, telling him to "get the goofies out". 

Show kid how to smile. He will laugh and tell you that your teeth need to be brushed.

Give up. 

But - try one last time!

Because once you have given up, the kid will smile for you.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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