Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mutual Benefits

There are so many days when I just want to make a deal with a well-paid friend to get married, and in exchange for me cleaning house, cooking, and doing the 'housewife" stuff, they would fully support me and Agent M. I would then have time to get my own craft/freelancing stuff really going, thus eventually bringing in my own income as well. It would be a great setup - they would always know they are coming home to a clean house and dinner ready for them, and I would be able to do all the crafty things I have the supplies and ideas for. Since it would be a friend, we could each date as we want, there would be no jealousy, and chances are we'd get along well since we're just friends. None of the "Honey, you spend too much time playing video games" or "Darling, do you still find me attractive?" issues that couples have. And I'm not looking to free-load, since I'd work my tail off around the house to make it a wonderful home, and I'd work hard to get a shop going and bring in income for my personal expenses. This little day dream seems perfect...

...and then I remember that all of my friends are just as broke as me. Hahaha. Sigh.

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