Monday, August 29, 2011


"Sunday mornings are all about laziness at our house. I typically do not work my 9-to-6pm job on Sundays, allowing them to be the only day of the week that I can turn my alarms off when they buzz, instead of just hitting "snooze". (Of course, Sundays are also the one day of the week that I consistently wake up before the alarms.) I'll sit on my bed with my laptop, catching up on emails and playing games, sometimes even getting "other work" taken care of, such as paying bills or blogging. But it is never rushed on Sundays, there is no thought of what I "have to" get done before Agent M wakes up. When he does crawl out of his bed, it is just to crawl right into mine. He'll bundle into a blanket-cocoon next to me and sing little songs to me while petting our cat. No rush to get up and dressed, no real worry as to what we have to get done. After all, it's Sunday. The one day of the week where time stands still in our house, when you can just about forget about the week gone past and the week yet to begin."

Yeah, so that was the post I started Sunday morning.

Apparently, Sunday's don't like to be called "lazy", because our day was a mess. 

Agent M greeted me with a grumbled, "I want to go on the computer" as he belly flopped onto my bed. When I told him I was working and he could go on it later, he threw the blanket over his head, turned his back to me, and began a tirade on why it wasn't fair that I always got to be on the laptop. I was attempting to chat with The Swede, play Words With Friends, and get some writing done, so I really did have every reason to not give up the laptop. I attempted to distract Agent M by talking out what we had planned for the day - a trip to the pet store for snail food and litter, pay a bill, then off to the lake for the day. Usually at this point he'll get excited and start singing songs about our day. Today, instead he scowled at me and demanded breakfast. 

The rest of the day became a jumble of making sausage gravy from scratch while still attempting to chat with The Swede, explaining 1,573 times to Agent M why I was not going to pull out my bank card to pay 5$ for a so-called "free" bonus item for an online game he was playing, and dashing up and down our stairs while trying to gather together library books that needed to be returned and plastic toys for our trip to the lake. Which, I must add, never happened. Instead, we left the house 4 hours later than I had hoped for, returned the library books, picked up a could things from the dollar store, and decided while en route to the pet store that we'd rather go to the lake after school during the week so that we'd have more than 35 minutes of sunlight. So much for Sunday's not being rushed and stressful.

Despite the day being totally backwards from what I had hoped for, and the fact that Agent M pretty much was tap dancing on my last nerve for most of the day, it was a decent day in the end. I made sausage gravy from scratch, with no recipe, for the first time and Agent M devoured it. We laid on my bed and snuggled while reading some of his library books. At the pet store, I let him pick two new fish and then picked up cheeseburgers for dinner on the way home. After our fast food dinner, we planted wild flower seeds around the pink flamingos on the patio. Then, before bed, we opened up a huge pack of new Star Wars toys that he's been dying to open for he past few months, but we just never seemed to have the time. Bedtime was a relief, we were both exhausted and snuggled for mere moments before we both fell asleep with the cat purring contently, wedged between us.

So, may not have been the lazy day we are used to and envisioned. But you were still pretty decent and that's good enough. 

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