Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today's agenda is simple.

Well, I'm trying to keep it simple.

It started out yesterday as "Plant strawberries in the strawberry pot, clean the fish tank, tattoo each other". (No, I am not contending for The Worst-Mum-Ever Award - Agent M has a toy tattoo machine that has been waiting on the top shelf of his closet for us to try it out.)

Then, I got the email from Agent M's soccer coach last night. Practices start next week. Agent M still needs cleats. And has not played soccer all summer. So.....I added "Get cleats" and "Run soccer drills" to the agenda.

When Agent M grumbled into the house this morning, moping that he wanted to go to his Nana and Baba's house today, like he had yesterday morning when his dad went to work. I remembered that I had also promised him we'd get ice cream today and found this to be the perfect time to remind him. "Go for ice cream", added to the agenda. (As was "Check the bank account" and "Look in the change jar for ice cream money".)

Of course, now that Agent M is back from his Dad's for the day, I am up and moving around the house instead of my usual hermitting around the upstairs bedrooms. I am seeing the dishes that need to be done (which remind me of the laundry waiting to be folded upstairs, for some reason...), walk past the boxes that need to be taken for donation and the microwave that we can not seem to give away that now resides on the floor by the front door. I'm seeing the carpet that needs to be vacuumed, the stack of bills that needs to be filed, and I can't miss the art supplies that I abandoned all over the living room table a week ago......and I want to add more to the agenda.

But school starts in two weeks. Our time to sit at home and talk about video games and leisurely water the plants is slipping away. The hours we usually have to lay on the bed reading graphic novels and discussing different forms of zombies (a common lazy past time here) while be reduced to minutes.

So, today the list stays simple. I can race around to finish the dishes and laundry while he is at his Dad's house. The bills are paid at least, so filing can wait a few more hours. There are strawberries to plant and ice cream cones waiting to be eaten. And tattoos, even fake ones, take a while to draw.

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