Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh yeah!

I don't know how something as cool as the packs of Kool-Aid Fun Fizz ended up at one of our local dollar stores, but it was definitely the find of the week! Myself being hypoglycemic and Agent M having family histories of diabetes on both sides, sugary drinks are a rarity in our home. Typically, we drink plain water or carbonated water with natural, sugar-free fruit essences added when we're feeling "fancy". Even juice is limited to special occasions, simply because of the high sugar contents. When I spotted the Fun Fizz packets, the first thing I noticed was "only 5 calories" on the front  - usually a sign that there's hope for a low sugar content. Sure enough, a quick reading of the package revealed that it was 100% sugar free, though it did have aspartame. Agent M was game to trying them out, so we got a package of each flavor - Gigglin' Grape, Partyin' Punch, and Laughin' Lemonade.

Each package held 8 "drops" - slightly smaller than a quarter sized tablets, individually wrapped and ready to be torn open and plopped into a glass or bottle of water. They recommend one tablet for each 8oz of water, but in Agent M's rush to try them out, we ended up just filling a glass with water and plopping a Gigglin' Grape tablet in. Agent M oooh'd and ahhh'd  while watching the tablet fizz and bob around the glass. I was impressed with the lack of stirring needed and watched the tablet fizz and bubble around almost as excitedly as Agent M. Once the fizzing slowed, Agent M grabbed the glass. Half a glass later, Agent M was grinning, licking his lips, and sporting a purple mustache. For $3.00, I had become the coolest mum ever in his eyes. Grape not being my favorite flavor, I eventually convinced him to let me try the Partyin' Punch. I was surprised by it's lack of carbonation and how sweet it was. Just going by taste, you would never guess it was sugar free, and I actually did a double check on the package to be sure I hadn't missed something.

Over the next few weeks, Agent M and I played with the water to tablet ratio, discovering the one tablet per 16oz of water was more to his liking, and it encouraged him to drink more water something I mentally noted would be especially good in the upcoming summer months. After one particularly crazy afternoon, we made the discovery that when the Partyin' Punch is spilled on cream colored carpet, it comes out remarkably easily also. While I tend to dislike individually wrapped products inside larger packaging, these made sense as it made them easier to take just one or two along for long car trips or just to carry in my purse to mix up for Agent M while out and about. I have not seen these at any dollar stores since, but after how much Agent M enjoyed them I would be more than willing to pay full price for them. Overall, we both gave them a big gold star and would recommend them to others.

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